Healing Yantras


Various Healing Yantras








1. Shani Yantra (To Avoid Misfortune) - Coloured

2. Vaastudoshnashak Yantra (To Remedy Any Defects Or Deficiencies Of Vaastu) - Laminated

3. Panch Dhatu Shani Yantra (To Avoid Misfortune)

4. Shiva (Maha Mrityunjay) Yantra (For Longevity And Freedom From Fear)

5. Kalsarpa Yantra (For Removal Of Karmic Bad Luck)

6. Shree Chandra Yantra (To Enhance Calmness)

7. Shree Shukra Yantra (To Improve Relationships)

8. Ketu Yantra (To Appease The Planet Ketu)

9. Guru Yantra (For Positive Curative Uses)

10. Vaastu Yantra (To Remove Ill Effects At Work / Residence)

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