Prosperity Yantras


Various Prosperity Yantras








1. Mano Kamana Yantra (For Fulfillment Of All Desires)

2. Panch Dhatu Ayyapan Yantra (For Spiritual Benefits)

3. Sarva Siddhi Yantra (For Fulfillment Of Spiritual Desires)

4. Ganesh Yantra (For Removing Obstacles And Easing New Beginnings)

5. Gayatri Yantra (For Spiritual Knowledge And Wisdom)

6. Mahalaxmi Yantra (For General Well Being)

7. Shubh Laabh Yantra (For Good Luck And Monetary Benefits)

8. Shree Laxmi Narayan Yantra (For Prosperity / Harmony At Home)

9. Naukari Rahat Yantra (For A Trouble Free Work Place)

10. Lagna Yog Yantra (To Speed Up Marriage)

11. Ganesh And Mahalaxmi Yantras Set

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