Satyanarayana Swami Puja Samagri


Satyanarayana Swami Puja is one of the common Puja performed on any festive or happy occassion. Its a pooja for well being and hapiness in the home and family. You can perform Satyanarayana Swami Puja easily with our booklet and the Puja Samagri Kit specifically designed for this puja. Now you dont have to go to the market and look out for all the pujan samagri related to Satyanarayana katha. At Puja Samagri you just have to order the Pooja samagri kit and we will get it delivered for you. You can be located in any part of india we will try our best ro reach you with your order of Satyanarayana Swami puja samagri kit.

Following are the deliverables of Satyanarayan Swami Puja Kit:


Turmeric powder

small pkt


small pkt

Betel leaves


Betel nuts


Sandalwood powder

small tin


1 small pkt


1 pkt

Dry dates (kharjuram)

1 pkt

Deeparadhana samagri (Deepam, oil, wicks & match box)


Prasadam as per family tradition


Satyanarayana swamy picture


Small idol of Vishnu/Krishna/ Satyanarayana swamy





1 lb (small pkt)

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