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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Indian Puja Samagri offer?
Puja sagari offers online puja samgari kits as per specific pooja. you can order and make payments. Puja Samagri will deliver the kit all over India within the specified time frame.

2. How can I make the Payment?
You can make your payments through Paypal. Its safe and secure way to make your transaction easily.

3. Will my Credit card number secure?
Yes, your credit card number is accepted via SSL encryption. And paypal offers you great security.

4. How will i confirm that i have placed the order and will get delivery?
Once you place the order Puja samagri will send you mail confirming your address and contact details. Please check your mail once you make the payments.

Additionally, you can check the order information on the web.

5. Will all the product match as mentioned on the website?
Yes all the products will send as mentioned on the website. Every products will as per the pictures.

6. From where these Puja Samagri are brought?
Puja Samagri is a leading offline shop delivering quality Puja materials in the offline Market. Having 30 years of experience all the products and pooja samagri will be delivered from our own store.

7. What will be the delivery timeframe?
Puja samagri will entertain only those orders which are placed 5 days in advance of puja date. So within the mentioned date the delivery will be made.

8. What will be the mode of delivery?
Renowned Courier service will be used to deliver the pooja kits.

9. How will i know that my Puja kit has been shipped?
Puja Samagri will confirm you through the mail once delivery will be shipped at your address.

10. Can I cancel my order?
Within 12 hours of your order you can send us mail to cancel your orders. The mails after that period will not be entertained.

Return Policy:

11. Puja samagri kits once shipped shall not be returned on any ground/s, in case you may have some complaints for our product delivered or our services. you can click here and drop us a mail

12. Will pooja samagri kits will be delivered outside India?
At present we are only delivering to India. Later on we will deliver through out the world.

13. How i can contact Puja Samagri regarding my order?
You can contact us anytime on and we will solve your problem.

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